Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our three little goofballs...

Our three little goofballs... Katie, Emmie and Maddie.  As a mommy of three little girls (Katie 12, Emmie 10 and Maddie 4) life can get pretty crazy.  Especially since they all inherited the "I Think I'm The Funniest Person On The Planet" gene from their father.
We are two weeks into summer vacation, and I'm beginning to think it will never end.  I keep TRYING to sit down to plan some trips and outings for them, but as usual, my day gets sucked away with "Mom I'm hungry," "Mommy I pee pee'd in my panties," "Mom she hit me," "Mom she's looking at me like that," "Mom can you fix this," "Mom this just stopped working all of a sudden," "Mom she made this mess not me"... MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM!!!!  Then sprinkle in the "Hun did you get a chance to..." "Jen don't forget you need to..." "Jen since you're home all day can you please..." or the question I HATE THE MOST "WHAT'S FOR DINNER?"  Any moment of peace I get is spent hiding somewhere with my Kindle trying to get through the current chapter! (I know, selfish aren't I?) 
My goal for today (other than take a shower and get out of my PJ's) is to complete the MUST CALL TODAY list.  There are only 5 calls on there so it shouldn't be a problem, right?  Well it is 2:00 and I have until 5:00 ... Maybe I should just stick to the shower goal for today!

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