Saturday, June 30, 2012

... and so this journey begins...

First and foremost I'm a mommy. A frantic, tired, neurotic and yet happy mommy. I'm married to an amazing, brilliant and sometimes obnoxious attorney who I like to refer to as my Hunky Hubby. We have three beautiful angels 12, 10 and 4 (who incidentally, carry little devil pitchforks!) I also have a 22 year old step-son who I am very proud of, (especially lately)! We live in Jacksonville, Florida and have a pretty happy life filled with LOTS of laughter!

After perusing other Mommy-Blogs and seeing that I'm not alone out here in crazy mommy land, I decided to add My Tree Full of Nuts to blog-o-sphere! Hopefully you can giggle some at us and I can pass on some things that I find helpful and interesting!

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