Monday, July 2, 2012

Never Catching Up...

Isn't summer all about playing catch up on all the stuff you haven't gotten around to since last summer?  Cleaning out storage, closets and the garage?  Finally getting around to dusting the baseboards, scrubbing year old cheese off the bottom of the stove, dumping all those almost empty cleaning supplies from under the sink?  Oh and actually mopping the hardwood floors instead of just using a Swiffer... You know the never ending "Must Clean and Organize List" (otherwise known as the "since-it's-not-really-preventing-you-from-walking-from-room-to-room-you-never-really-have-to-get-to-it-but-feel-compelled-to-put-it-on-a-list-list")  Has anyone ever actually finished this list within a years time? 

Last night, my Hunky Hubby finally cornered me into helping him move some furniture (or what he likes to refer to, "The Crap I Can't Believe We Still Have") out of storage.  He is moving into a new office downtown and wants to incorporate some of his old office furnishings.  Which of course leads us to the three year ongoing debate of, "Why do we have storage? If we aren't using it, then let's get rid of it!"  Uhhhhh but what if I DOOOOO need it... just not right now? Duh! 

But back to my main point... playing summertime catch up.  Since we are close to scratching the storage thing off the dusty, and seemingly uncheckable list, I've decided that today is going to be the day I plan out how I can accomplish getting this list done and actually get started on it!  I guess you can say I'm feeling motivated!  Like my daddy once said to me (in a completely different context)... set small goals each day and do them in order to work towards larger goals for the week to set the stage for completing longer-term goals!  If you don't get them done, then tomorrow set smaller goals!!

So let the fun begin... one small step at a time!

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