Sunday, December 1, 2013


It's finally winter in Jacksonville folks!!  I absolutely L O V E the chill in the air.  Everything smells fresh, the kids move in slow motion, the house just seems to stay cleaner longer.  I still find myself running around frantically, but with WAY less sweat!!! HAHA

However, with all the wonderful things that come with the chillier weather, there is still that imposing sense of doom.... that constant ticking in the back of your brain that you try so so hard to ignore. CHRISTMAS!  I know I say this every year... How is it already this close to the big day and I haven't even started yet? 

This year, I think I'm going to try something new!  Embrace the fact that I will not even start shopping until the week... er few days... before the 25th!  Embrace the crazy last minute decisions on all the gifts.  Embrace the panic attack at 11 pm on Christmas Eve that I still have to wrap EVERYTHING!  And just realize that none of it matters as of 8:00 am on Christmas Day!!!

Yeah right, like that'll work!

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